Rick & Bubba is now heard on 60+ Radio Stations, 50+ Television Stations via TNN/Heartland Network, UStream.TV, TuneIn.com and more! .... Celebrating 14 Years of Syndication Success, SSI delivers Revenues, Ratings...Results!

The Rick & Bubba Show

A bona fide winner everywhere they go, Rick Burgess & Bill “Bubba” Bussey are truly Masters of Morning Drive! Topical, fast-paced and very entertaining, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW is personality programming at its best.  A proven winner that delivers Revenues, Ratings….Results, Rick & Bubba attract listeners and keep them coming back for more with their unique style, coverage of the timely and the topical, lively debates, top guests, and passionate interaction with their on-air sidekicks, listeners and leading guests.  A continuous daily saga, this show is life -- addressing important matters of interest and current events, sharing water cooler stories and opinions, reliving real-life experiences and much, much more.  A dominant ratings champion, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW enjoys a broad appeal with listeners and sponsors alike. Experience the Results of a stellar radio show -- a program now seen nationally via TNN/Heartland Network and UStream.TV, heard in 60+ markets, TuneIn, online streaming, vibrant social media platforms and more!


  • “Rick and Bubba are the total package! If you’re seeking a truly great morning show that’s clean, topical, entertaining and sponsor friendly these guys are your ticket. Rick and Bubba are ratings and revenue magnets, this is a program that anyone can listen to and get value out of, the show is contagious and will attract audience from any format while delivering major-league results for sponsors."

     ~ Ray Nelson - Vice-President/General Manager - Cox Radio/Birmingham, AL – FM 104.7 WZZK/FM 97.3 WNCB

  •  “The Rick and Bubba Show promote the values that parallel our company values.  Rick and Bubba have a strong, loyal listener base and we’ve found they appreciate our product and support of the show.  Rick and Bubba’s creativity in promoting our product line is unique and effective – a successful venture and good use of our advertising dollars!”

    ~  Larry Holman - Eastern Sales Director – Hustler Turf Equipment


  • “I am proud to call Rick and Bubba my friends….these guys are the best!  Whether you’re a station or sponsor and are looking to win – this is your radio show so sign them up today.”

    ~  Sean Hannity - Host – The Sean Hannity Radio Show / FOX News Channel’s Hannity

The SSI Difference